Transaction And Business Planning

Starting, Buying or Selling a Business

Attention to the details determines whether or not an owner is positioned for success.

* We understand that price is only one component of the deal.

* Tax treatment of the transaction for the individual principal, as well as, the related corporate or partnership entities involved can change the bottom line dramatically.

* Assumption or indemnification of obligations and liabilities are crucial to understanding the net results.

* Avoiding disputes and litigation after the closing are just as important as the closing itself.

* We know that due diligence requires time, experience and a willingness to dig through all of the information available so we can paint as complete a picture as possible on the front end.

Entering new Markets

We strive to map out all of the subtle curves of the legal landscape of your new terrain.

* Broad brush approaches to market data will lead to blurred opaque business plans.

* We can dig into the numbers with an eye toward your specific metrics

* We live and work in Central Texas and do not take a one size fits all approach which ignores historical, regional and cultural trends.

Rebranding and Name Changes

Inject new energy into your business with an image makeover.

* Our integrated professional services team can identify and take care of all of your legal and marketing identity changes.

* Let us help you create an improved and more effective uniform business image.

* It may be the first best step toward an expansion of your markets or products.


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