Real Estate

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Your experienced representative in a purchase or lease transaction that understands your needs because we know your business.

* Licensed Real Estate Broker services at an hourly rate,not a percentage commission, can lower the cost of your transaction by 50%.

* We work for your continued success, not just to "close the deal".

Design and Bidding

Your move will cost twice as much if your business has to suffer while you spend your time working outside of your areas of expertise.

* We understand budgets and never forget to ask "how much is that going to cost" during the design phase.

* You and your staff don't have time to check every number contained in a bid against the market price but we will.

* This service pays for itself in savings.

Landlord and Lender Liaison

Timely and accurate reports that keep everyone informed.

* Nurture these relationships during this excessively busy time by letting us provide answers to all of their questions.

* All of the correspondence and phone conversations on your behalf can be recorded and made a part of your data files.

* Our participation in the process can be scaled up or down to meet your budget and achieve your goals.


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