Paperless Operations

Paper is the enemy!

* Those old paper file folders have served you well but it is time to leave those ways behind.

* It won't happen overnight but the sooner you start learning and adopting new systems and software, the sooner you will finish.

* Our focus on quickly moving a document that is correctly named and formatted into the right place in your information system improves how much time and money you will save.

Collecting and Disbursing Funds

Writing checks is a hard habit to break, for you and your customers.

* Bill paying systems provide data records that stream into your accounting software seamlessly. If they don't they waste as much as time and money as they save.

* Your business needs to make it as easy as possible to get paid. One click is all it should take.

* Let us help you integrate your accounting system, operations and website to save you money.

* Information gleaned from other serives we provide for you may help us recommend timely updates.

Moving To The Cloud

It is a big step but the view is great from up here.

* All of your documents and communications should be available to you and your clients everywhere and all of the time.

* Phone conversations, instructions and video chats need to be saved and shared.

* We will guide you through the transition and provide as much, or as little, design, implementation, support and training as you need.


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