Probate, Wills And Trusts


is the process of collecting, protecting and distributing the assets of someone after their death through a legal proceeding in a specialized court.

* We strive to complete the process efficiently and accurately.

* We understand that probate requires careful attention to detail at a time that may be difficult for those tasked with the responsibility.


A Will appoints an Executor for your estate and directs what actions are to be taken to settle your accounts and distribute your real and personal property. In the absence of a will, Texas statutes covering Intestacy will apply and dictate how your assets and liabilities are managed.

* We prepare Wills that are as simple or complex as our client's needs and desires.

* Analysis and explanation of the tax treatment of planned bequests is essential in obtaining results that may best fulfill the individual's wishes.

* Proper execution and safekeeping of the Will are a prerequisite for success.

* Information gleaned from other services we provide for you may help us recommend timely revisions of your Will when your circumstances change.

Living Trusts

A Will and a Living Trust set forth your directions for the distribution of your assets upon your death. But unlike a Will, a Living Trust also directs the management of your assets during life. The assets held "inside" your Living Trust do not have to go through probate.

* The Living Trust removes your assets from the Probate court proceeding or the application of the Intestacy statutes.

* The preparation of a living trust is an opportunity to take a detailed accounting of your legal and financial situation.

* Living Trusts may be amended at any time or revoked completely if you decide to execute a Will.


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