Farms And Ranch Land

Sales and Acquisitions

Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker with experience in sale transactions which have involved livestock, tenant leases, machinery, farms, ranches, and other agriculture property.

* We draw on our experience in varied practice areas, including business planning, eminent domain, real estate transactions and development, environmental regulations, estate tax, income tax and ad valorem tax planning, and sub-surface mineral rights.

* 1031 Tax free exchanges are an important tool when moving your farm or ranch operation outside the path of residential development.

* Owner financing of a sale of your land is lucrative but complicated. Our experience can allow you to consider whether it is right for you.

* As a Licensed Real Estate Broker we will work on a commission basis when appropriate.

Developments & Joint Ventures

Few things are less alike than owning a farm or ranch and developing a residential subdivision but they often need to be operated beside each other during years of build-out on larger tracts.

* The development of rural land into subdivisions involves ad valorem tax "roll-back" planning, utility acquisition and plat approval.

* We have negotiated and implemented long term seller financing agreements for multi-phase subdivisions.

* Maintained agricultural exemption on land subject to owner financed lien until payoff of notes

Easements and Eminent Domain

Negotiate easements and sales of private property for highways, utility lines, power lines, public use.

* We want you to understand the impact on the rest of your property of an easement or partial sale before you accept an offer.

* Big data is a landowners friend in this area of law and we are well equipped to mine it for the benefit of our clients.

* The details of long term maintenance of an easement can make a big difference in the future value and enjoyment of your land.


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